Travel Around Hitchcock

$5.00 Admission per child ages 2 – 12.

Adults are free and must remain with children.

Receive your own “passport” when you arrive then travel about this 160 year old building to discover some new adventures for all! Receive a passport stamps wherever you travel!

Events April 19, 2016

·        10-2 Starts every ½ hour Brain Gym for all ages: Movements to enhance your brain with Linda Fuchs (lower west room)

·         10-2 The Science Corner – The science of Gasses, Sensory Bags, Make Ooblick – Union 61 Patti Sinko (ongoing - craft room in basement)

·         10-2 Scavenger Hunt and Geocaching – 4H and Cedarbrook students lead you on a scavenger hunt through the hills behind Hitchcock and teach you how to Geocache.  You may find our cache, leave a trinket, and take a trinket as is the Geocache way. (ongoing with intro/self-guided front hall)

·         10-2 Find Historic clues around the building to discover the nickname students gave to Mr. Samuel Austin Hitchcock, our founder (front hall)

·        10-2 Board Games Galore (lower auditorium)

·        10-2 Create a Craft ( lower Auditorium)

·        10-2 Pose for pictures in 1860’s “attire” (lower auditorium)

·        10-12 Traveling Violinist and Hitchcock Instructor - Linda Day (lower auditorium and wandering minstrel)

·         10-12:30 Henna  chose a simple design with Sangita Desai (lower auditorium)

·         10-2 Watson & Co Musicians will perform during the day ( lower auditorium)

·        11- 11:30 and 11:45 – 12:15 Yoga for Families with Sharon Palmer ( upper auditorium

·        12:00 – 2:00 Judo demonstrations and beginner friendly activities with Sensei Israel Lopez (upper auditorium)


Lunchroom:  Recreation Room is available for you to eat your bag lunch.  Some snack food and beverages are available in the kitchen.