With today's world, it is easier than ever to live without interacting with your local community. It can be easy to blame many factors, like the internet or the development of suburbs in the 1950's, but it's within your power to connect with your community. Let's take the next few paragraphs to look at a few ways you can do just that.

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Use Technology to Your Advantage

Social media makes it a lot easier to connect with family and friends as well as your community! Try searching for your town name on Facebook and see what groups, pages and events pop up. Some groups are set to private so that only group members will see what's posted in the group. Another tip is to look for a local news organization and follow their page. If you find you aren't seeing as many news stories as you like, try commenting on the stories for the Facebook algorithm knows that you enjoy seeing posts from that page.

Volunteer at a Local Non Profit

According to Independent Sector, Massachusetts has over 30,000 non-profit groups. These include public and private foundations, charities, religious organizations, civic groups, and Veterans organizations. It's likely that you will be able to find one that matches with your core values and it's more than likely that one of them is looking for a person just like you to help them accomplish their mission. There are many ways you can support non profits, from volunteering your time or skills to material or monetary donations. 

Take a Class at Your Local Community Center

Hitchcock Academy serves Brimfield and the surrounding communities by providing educational, recreational, and cultural programs.

Hitchcock Academy serves Brimfield and the surrounding communities by providing educational, recreational, and cultural programs.

Community centers like Hitchcock Academy provide a multitude of classes that can be enjoyed by almost anyone! Fitness, art, food, and even dog training are just some of the many types of classes offered. You could learn many of these things from YouTube tutorials, but there are benefits to taking a class in your community center. You are learning directly from an expert in the topic at hand, so you can ask questions if you don't understand. You are also spending money that goes to supporting the instructor and to the community center so more community members can benefit again! 

Another great opportunity that comes with taking a class at a community center is your fellow students. Come early or stay late to socialize-you already know that you have two things in common, you are a member of that community and you are interested in learning more about the same subject!

Make Community Time a Priority

Many people want to be more involved in their communities, but can't find the time to do so. That's why it's important to find something that resonates with you and your goals in life. If it matters to you, you will set aside time to focus on your community. It can be best to start by deciding on an interval of time to check on your endeavor. Once every few days might be perfect for some people and activities, but it might be too often for some. By entering the time into your calendar or planner, you will be able to dedicate that time to your community.

If any of these ideas have helped you, please leave a comment below or send me an email at diana@hitchcockacademy.org

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