CPR and First Aid - 4/11

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CPR First Aid Trained.gif

CPR and First Aid - 4/11

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Learn how to respond in an emergency.  Learn Adult/Child CPR and/or First Aid. Participants will receive an ECSI certification upon successful completion of each course. (1 class each on the same night.  There is a discount for taking both classes.) Students under 18 must complete a consent form.

Date: Wednesday, April 11

A) CPR, 6 -7:30PM

B) First Aid, 7:30-9PM   

Fee: $60 for one class OR $85 for both

Ages: 14-Adult

Instructor: Nora Holland

No one likes seeing prices increase, but at least in this case, you know it’s going right back into your community.  That’s something you can feel really good about contributing to.

CPR/ FA or Both:
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