New Year's Resolution: Back on Track

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New Year's Resolution: Back on Track


Each year, over 158 million Americans make a decision to participate in a time-honored event . . .the New Year’s Resolution; however; 92% will not reach their goal.

Why do the so many people give up?

It’s because those resolutions are anything but resolute. So, how do we make resolutions that are resolute? It’s a process that begins with self-reflection, followed by a strategic plan of action! Join resilience strategist Rita Schiano to uncover the habits that got you off your New Year’s Resolutions track so you, too, can be of the 8% who succeed.  (1 class)

Date: Monday, February 12

Time: 7-8:30pm

Fee: $20

Instructor: Rita Schiano,  Live a Flourishing Life

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