In an article in the Boston Globe, meditation was cited as “…the ultimate antidote to the stresses of modern life, according to the scientific research on it.”

This introduction to meditation, for beginning and experienced meditators, provides an overview of the many benefits of meditation in addition to stress relief, including: increased energy, mental clarity, focus, and better sleep. You will learn a simple meditation technique that quiets your mind, calms your nervous system, and gives you the experience of a profound sense of peace and joy that comes from within.

Date: A) March 5, 7:00 -8:00 PM

Fee: $15 or a free will donation

Instructor: Phil Milgrom, CSMT, RYT, CSYT

 B) MEDITATION 101: Discover the Bliss of a Quiet Mind

Learn how to meditate in week one. Learn new skills the next two weeks. Develop a successful meditation practice in just 3 weeks.

This series is both for new and experienced meditators:

· As a beginner, learn a simple way to meditate that rewards you deeply and inspires a successful daily practice.

· As an experienced mediator, learn how to get past obstacles that had discouraged you in the past. Give your practice a jump-start revival.

“This was life changing. I have been searching for something to make my life more centered, balanced and calm. Meditation is the answer.” ~ S. Peterson

Dates: B) March 19, 26, April 2, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Fee: $72

Instructor:  Phil (Krishna) Milgrom, CSYT

Phil is a certified Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation teacher. Phil has been studying with the founder of this practice since 1997. He teaches with compassion, humor, and inspiration. He makes ancient wisdom accessible for dealing with the stress of modern living. Phil is the co-director of The Centered Place yoga studio in Warren, MA, where he teaches both yoga and meditation. He is also a public speaker, workshop leader, and stress management consultant.

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