Cedarbrook Spring

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Cedarbrook Spring


This is to process preregistered students.  If you are not preregistered with Lisa, contact sue@hitchcockacdemy.org for registration details.

Cedarbrook Spring Session classes will still be on Tuesdays from 9:30am – 1:00pm at the Hitchcock Academy.  Age range is 7 and up.  This is still intended to be a drop-off program, but parents are welcome to stay for any portion of the day.  Cost for the session will be $80 per student for 8 class weeks.   Registration deadline is Friday, March 9.  

Classes this session will focus on Applied Science, Engineering, and Climate Change:

-We will create a fun and safe Laboratory Experiment & Simulations environment in which students will learn to conduct science experiments to gather data necessary to solve real-world problems and challenges using the Engineering Design process. 

-Each class will be geared appropriately for younger and older students.  Younger students will gather mostly qualitative data and learn to take some measurements.  Older students will gather both qualitative and quantitative data which they will chart and graph.  

-All students will practice sharing scientific results with their peers and learning from the findings of others to work together to design Engineering solutions.

-The class will also learn about various branches of Science and their corresponding possible careers and applications in Science, Applied Science, Engineering, and related fields.

-The session will end with a ‘Invention Convention’ for students to share their own ideas to improve a problem or situation in their own lives or community.

-Topics will include:  Chemistry, Biomedical, Physics, Mechanics, Civil, Industrial & Manufacturing, Environmental, Aeronautics, Computer Science, Robotics, Mechatronics, Agricultural, Textiles, Holistic Health and more!

-Session instructors:  Lisa Lanne (B.S. Chemical Engineering & M.B.B. Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing & Process Improvement), and Maureen Roberts (Audubon Naturalist, Middle School Science instructor)

Spring Session Dates:

Class 1:  March 20

Class 2:  March 27

Class 3:  April 3

Class 4:  April 10

    No class April 16 (School Vacation)

Class 5:  April 24

Class 6:  May 1

    No class May 8 (Flea Market)

Class 7:  May 15

Class 8:  May 22

Youth Consent Form Must be Filled Out prior to Class

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