Chi Kung with Sharon


Chi Kung with Sharon


Sometimes spelled Qigong, Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese process of cultivating “Chi” (Qi) or life force energy, similar to “Prana” in Yoga practice. 

Chi Kung is a flow of slow, mindful movements, balancing practices, and some static postures done with the intention of enhancing the flow of energy throughout the body.  Incorporated into this weekly practice will be a few gestures from the Yang style 108-movement Tai Chi form, a defensive ancient martial art form.  Some of the benefits of these practices are a sense of well-being and increased energy, flexibility, strength, and balance.   

Participants will be standing; no mat required.  Wear comfortable clothing and non-skid shoes; bring water if you like.

Dates: Mondays, 6-7 PM,   

F) Nov. 4, 18, 25, Dec. 2, 9 & 16 (no class Nov. 11)

Fee: $61

Instructor: Sharon Palmer

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