Thank you for such wonderful support in 2018. Happy New Year!

Thank you to all who donated on #GivingTuesday on November 27th, 2018. 

We raised $2,385 in one day!

That is a great kick start to our Friends campaign. Please help us to reach our goal of the remaining $7,615 by December 31st.

Letter from our President:

November 19, 2018

 Dear Friends -

More than 160 years ago, Samuel Hitchcock and a committee of fundraisers who would go on to become trustees, undertook a campaign to raise the money to construct the building that now stands at 2 Brookfield Road.

Contributions of $25, $40, or $100 in the 1850’s from community members helped build Hitchcock and since that time, countless people of all ages have spent time in our community center; teaching, learning, creating, celebrating, socializing and coming together to help and support their neighbors.

I am reaching out to you today, as the current Trustee President of our community center, undertaking another fundraising campaign to help sustain the organization that preserves this legacy and historic building.

My request is the same as my predecessors from all those years ago: $25, $40, $100, or whatever you can contribute to ensure that our community always has a place to learn and share and support. (Adjusted for inflation, $40 in 1850 is more than $1,200 now!)

I am thankful that our community had the foresight to invest in Hitchcock all those generations ago. I hope that you will join me in supporting the organization for all of us today and for the generations that are to come.


 Ronald P. Christensen

President, Board of Trustees

Thank you to our top 5 donors on Giving Tuesday: Roxann, Sue, Lori, Ray & Lynn who gave on Giving Tuesday and will receive one of the following gifts:

  • DNA test kit form donated by Dave Robison of

  • A gift certificate for an indoor Herb Garden from Linda Fuchs

  • Yoga or Tai Chi for 2, a 15 minute private session with Sharon Palmer

  • One of two Miniature Portraits of a subject of your choice by Christina Mealey.

The first 6 donors who gave over $50 or more on Giving Tuesday will receive a 11”x 14” matted watercolor.

The first 22 donors who give $50 on Giving Tuesday will received a 3”x 5” original watercolor.

What’s extra special about these gifts is that they reflect the wealth of talent, skill and passion of the Hitchcock community. They are a sampling of some of the enriching experiences offered throughout the year at Hitchcock.