History Books

A History of Hitchcock Free Academy by Alice Sawin Davis is available for sale at the Academy for $10.00 or by mail for $15.00. To purchase a book contact the office at 413 245-9977 orsue@hitchcockacademy.org


Glass Plate Negatives!

The Hitchcock Academy Memorial Room houses a great collection of glass plate negatives taken by photographers F. Edgar Brown and Walter E. Corbin in the late 18th century and early 19th century with many images of Brimfield scenes and residents. 

The glass plate negatives in the Hitchcock Free Academy collection have been digitally scanned and made available on our website. You can scroll through the thumbnail images on the left and by selecting one, a larger version of that image will appear in the right window. The larger image will display a descriptive title and a plate number for identification. We are very interested in obtaining additional information about the historical people, places and events so beautifully displayed in these photographs. We welcome any information anyone may be able to provide about an image and encourage you to contact the Academy with your comments. Please refer to the image by the plate number.

As we gather more information about a photograph, descriptive text will be added to the image in the right window so that everyone will be able to share in the story behind the picture.

If you would like to purchase a print, please contact us at sue@hitchcockacademy.org


Hitchcock Free Academy
Celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2005

As a part of that celebration, an ornament was made to commemorate the event. No photo can do justice to this 3-D gold plated ornament. It is acid etched for fine details of this Elias Carter 1855 Italianate building and is packaged in a green velveteen lined box and is suitable for framing, gifts, highlighting in a dome & for holiday decorating. This wonderful ornament is available for sale at the Academy for $15.00 or by mail for $20.00.

To purchase an ornament contact the office at 413 245-9977 or sue@hitchcockacademy.org