High Fives for Hitchcock!

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National High Five Day is Thursday, April 18!
You can help Hitchcock high five our way to $5,555 in increments of 5’s! Donate now!

Hitchcock’s new spring fundraiser, High Fives for Hitchcock, is replacing the now retired Valley Gives Day.

Can you support our need to raise $5,555 this spring?

Your donation of $55, $75, $150, $250… any denomination divisible by 5 is crucial to meet our goal.

Do you have a story about why you’d like to high five Hitchcock? Please share it on our Facebook page.

#HighFivesforHitchcock #NationalHighFiveDay #NH5D Click here to donate.

The following photos are of programs that have taken place in March and April 2019.

Donate now

Since 1855 Hitchcock Academy has been a contributor to the vibrant life of this community. This year, in celebration of #NationalHighFiveDay, April 18, Hitchcock is asking you to show your support for our ongoing mission to serve this area. Your donation, in any increment of $5, will help us reach our goal of $5,555. Your money will go a long way to insure that Hitchcock Academy continues to bring culture, music, fitness, art, education, recreation, scouting, wellness and more to support Brimfield and the surrounding towns.

In supporting Hitchcock Academy’s High Five Campaign you are supporting our efforts to maintain the physical structure that is home to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, the Farmer’s Market, AA, the Cultural Council, Family Foundation 5 Preschool, Brimfield Community Partnership, Grandparents in the Know, CPR classes, Babysitter Training, Summer Fun, Sip and Stars, and the Summer Concert Series. 

You can support the High Five For Hitchcock Campaign with an online donation at www.hitchcockacademy.org or, you can stop into our office with a check, cash or money order, Monday through Friday from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.   It’s a certainty, that if you have lived in this community for any amount of time you have your own High Five memory of a class, a concert, a skill, a market, or a meeting that featured Hitchcock Academy. Your High Five donation of as little as $5 will assure that the building that is the centerpiece of our area continues to be a source of pride. Your dollars will invigorate the ongoing efforts to support local interests and endeavors.

On #NationalHigh5Day, Thursday, April 18, we ask you support Hitchcock Academy with a High Five it deserves.