Our Team

Hitchcock Academy Employees:

  • Susan Gregory, Executive Director

  • Susan Overbey, Assistant Director

  • Katy Taricano, Assistant Director

  • Curt Jameson, Custodian

  • Chris Bolte, Treasurer

Board of Trustees:

  • Jessica Adams, Palmer - Trustee since 2017

  • Alia Abaid, West Brookfield - Trustee since 2017

  • Ron Christensen, Palmer - Trustee since 2015

  • Charlotte Corry, Brimfield - Trustee since 2015

  • Richard Costa, Brimfield - Trustee since 2016

  • Carrie Deltoro, Brimfield - Trustee since 2015

  • Mike DeFalco, Brimfield - Trustee since 2001

  • Thomas Faxon, Sturbridge - Trustee since 2017

  • Alex Keddy; Barre - Trustee since 2019

  • Christina Mealey; Brimfield - Trustee since 2015 


  • Ron Christensen, President

  • Carrie Deltoro, Vice President

  • Tom Faxon, Clerk

  • Christine Bolte, Treasurer

Hitchcock Free Academy was a free High school from 1855 until the last graduation class in 1954.  At that time, the regional high school opened and Hitchcock Free Academy was converted to a community Center.  Below are copies of our Petition to the Court and the Court Decree.

Many instructors rent space from Hitchcock Academy to teach a variety of classes. For those interested in teaching, here is some information:

  1. A copy of our Application

  2. A copy of a registration sheet if you choose to use it.

  3. A copy of our room use payment slip.

  4. Ma requires anyone doing business to have a written plan for protecting the privacy of anyone processing credit cards or checks etc. Here is a copy of Hitchcock's plan which may be adapted for your purposes. Hitchcock's WISP law

To view a copy of our  Petition to the Court, click here .

To view a copy of our Petition to the Court, click here.

For a copy of the  court decree, click here .

For a copy of the court decree, click here.