Hitchcock Academy is available to the people of Brimfield, Holland, Wales, Sturbridge and other towns for social, educational, cultural and recreational activities, subject to the following rules:

1.     Use of the facilities requires the expressed written permission of the Director.  For private parties using the facility, the fee is $50 per hour.  You must calculate setup and cleanup time within this time.

2.     The Charles Athletic Field is open from dawn to dusk.

3.     In case of inclement/unsafe weather conditions, HFA is closed at discretion of the Director. Cancellations are put on Hitchcock’s answering machine.

4.     The group leader must contact the Director immediately to cancel a reservation.

5.     By court decree or vote of the Trustees, each of the following is enforced:

a.     No political or religious activities may be promoted.

b.    Hitchcock may not be used for personal profit.

c.     No illegal gambling is allowed on the premises.

d.    No smoking and no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises, including the Charles Athletic Field and the parking lot.

e.     No equipment may be removed from the premises.

6.     Kitchen facilities are available.  Food is to be made off site or catered by a licensed caterer.  All dishware must be disposable.  Groups using the kitchen are responsible for keeping it clean.

7.     Limited storage space is available to organizations with permission of the Director.  All food must be stored in airtight containers.  Items not put away properly will be discarded at the discretion of the Director.

8.     All groups must stay in their assigned area of the building and display respect for others using the facility.

9.     Youth groups may meet only under adult supervision, with a minimum of 1 adult to 10 students.  Those adults must ensure that student participants are to be escorted directly to and picked up from the program leaders.  Students should not be dropped off or leave unescorted.

10.  All groups are expected to leave the building as they find it. Rearrangements of furniture are the responsibility of the group unless other arrangements have been made in advance of the meeting.  Please report any concerns to the staff.

11.  Group leaders are required to report ATTENDANCE to the HFA staff or post attendance via a message on the bulletin board.

12.    The Hitchcock is not responsible for personal injury or property loss in permitting the use of its facilities

Violations of these rules may mean that the use of the facility may be denied and/or the police may be called to assist enforcement of the rules.  We hope you appreciate and enjoy the use of the facilities.  Please contact the office with any questions.                                                              


Sue Gregory, HFA Executive Director