GET INVOLVED at Hitchcock

There are two ways to get involved at Hitchcock: being a volunteer and being a trustee:

Volunteers help in a variety of ways: parking cars during Brimfield Flea Market weeks, assisting at events, helping with mailings, or contributing skills to assist with projects such as painting, gardening, photography, graphic design, etc. Some volunteers help with a specific event, some take on projects; some help for a day, others help for years. Some are kids, some are teens, some are adults; some work, some are retired. Each volunteer is unique and all volunteers are welcome!

Trustees commit to a term of 2 to 5 years, contributing expertise in a specific area of need, guiding Hitchcock's growth and overseeing its programs and leadership. Learn more about being a trustee below.

All volunteers are subject to a CORI check.




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What does a trustee do?

A trustee safeguards the mission of Hitchcock Free Academy and guides its growth by contributing vital skills and experience in a variety of areas, including nonprofit administration, business, finance, marketing, historical preservation and maintenance. Expectations include attendance at two semi-annual board meetings, an annual monetary contribution, and active participation in committee work in each trustee's area(s) of expertise. Trustees are also ambassadors of Hitchcock's programs, and enthusiastically share opportunities to experience its offerings with their network.


How do I know if I should apply?

Are you inspired by Hitchcock? Do you have relevant skills and experience that will help Hitchcock to continue to prosper as a long-standing community institution? Do you enjoy working with others and giving back to your community?

If you answered yes to the above, then Yes! You should apply!  Click for an application.


Do I need to be wealthy to be a trustee?

No! While every trustee is expected to make an annual gift to Hitchcock, these gifts run the gamut from large to small and are entirely up to each trustee to decide. Trustees give a combination of expertise, time and money; the balance of these is very individual. The key is that each is contributing meaningfully to the well-being of the organization.

Do I need to have a certain educational background to be a trustee?
No! Experience is weighed as heavily if not more so than education. We're looking for know-how that will help the organization, no matter its source.

I'm a busy person. Will a lot be expected of me?
Our board is made up of many folks who work demanding jobs, have families and busy lives, and who have other volunteer commitments. Expectations include attendance at two semi-annual board meetings, an annual monetary contribution, and active participation in committee work in each trustee's area(s) of expertise. Serving on a committee typically translates to monthly or quarterly meetings along with occasional emails. Some trustees serve on one committee, some serve on several; the expectation is that trustees engage actively on their given committees and are willing to lead as needed. 

I applied and I wasn't asked to join the Board of Trustees. Why? 
When positions open on the Board, seats open on specific commitees, presenting needs in those specific areas. While your skill set may be beneficial to the organization, it may not be in the area of specific need at a given time. Rest assured your application will remain on file and we may reach out at a future date when your skills match our needs.


Our Trustees keep us moving forward!